The new Push/Pull tool searches for closed 2D regions and allows you to dynamically extrude the region into 3D.  You can also move the cursor over existing faces to add or remove material.   An additional feature allows you to sketch curves onto faces, which will enable you to move new regions.

Direct Edit with The Gripper

The Gripper features have been extended with V8 to allow direct editing of faces.  Direct face editing includes translate, rotate, and scale of faces.  Additionally, you can  now create arrays of faces using the Gripper.

New Architectural Tools

3D attributes now exist for walls, doors, and windows. Three new tools were also added that allow you to quickly create 3D walls, slabs, and hip roofs.

New LogiCursor Snaps

LogiCursor has been enchanced to support inference of parallel, coplanar, and cylindrical face alignments.

Concept Explorer Update

Concept Explorer now provides options to control what is displayed in the feature list including object type and selection status.

Save To Symbol Library

V8 makes it easier to create custom symbol libraries with the new Save to Symbol Library tool located in the File menu bar.